Our Shared Dream

Our Shared Dream

Empowering Women to Learn, Lead, Achieve

Founded by a woman for women, Cottey College is where women dream big because that’s what Virginia Alice Cottey did; with just a few thousand dollars in savings, she set out to create a place where young women would have the same educational opportunities as young men. Through hard work and determination, that dream became a reality.

Today, Cottey is where women not only dream but achieve.

  • Cottey is empowering. Cottey women are powerful, confident, inspired, and prepared to lead. Courage, opportunity, and hard work come together with a foundation of self-worth so that women can become the best they can be.
  • Cottey is rigorous. With a diverse and challenging curriculum, Cottey continues to achieve recognition locally and nationally. U.S. News & World Report ranks Cottey among the top ten Best Regional Colleges in the Midwest and College Consensus ranks Cottey sixth among Best Women’s Colleges in America.
  • Cottey is collaborative. Women from around the world come together at Cottey to create an extraordinary place where each student is free to explore who she is. Cottey is the small college with the global perspective.
  • Cottey is community. In classrooms, in suite life, in athletics, and more, Cottey women share a bond. Whoever you are and wherever your talents lie, Cottey is where you’re accepted, encouraged, and inspired.

At Cottey, students become the strong, intelligent women who will transform the world; this is our purpose. And with a gift in your will or a gift that makes an impact now, it can be your legacy – a legacy of learning and leadership for women.