Why Give

Why Give

Celebrate the Advancement of Women

“I can do the things successful women do,” defines Cottey’s strong, capable, academically equipped students.

Ambitious goals are the norm at Cottey, where academic excellence joins with leadership, confidence, and self-reliance for a transformational college experience that empowers women to create incredible futures.

At a time when many small colleges struggle, Cottey College continues to grow and thrive because of the support from the P.E.O. Sisterhood, our alumnae, and friends of the college like you.

With a gift that makes an impact now — a gift that costs you nothing now to give, a gift that pays you income, or a gift that reduces your taxes — you empower women, now and for generations to come.

You provide the resources that support the elements of a Cottey education: active learning, women’s leadership and immersion experiences, global awareness, social responsibility, and community service. You prepare women to learn and grow. And you enable women to see that their potential is unlimited and then go out and prove it.